Ceiling Mounted Clothes Hanger

Ceiling Mounted Clothes Drying Racks

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Ceiling Mounted Clothes Hanger is a unique and strong clothes hanger which can be mounted to the ceiling or high on the wall with screws and supports. All of them are zinc alloy with pleasant surface. If you need other special type. Ceiling Mounted Clothes Hanger is a convenient method of securely hanging items on the wall, saving precious closet space. This is a ceiling-mounted clothes hanger. Its structure is composed of an iron hanger and two brackets. The two brackets connect the clothes hanger onto the ceiling, which would be a great convenience for people who want to hang their clothes on.

Advantages of mounted clothes hanger

Ceiling mounted clothes are better handling for greater life span of clothes

Ceiling-mounted clothes hangers allow you to use the space above your closet. .Save the space in the closet, no need to leave a lot of room for your clothes.

The drying cloth anger will save you much money and one of the best investments you will ever makes.,


Carbon steel

Pully drying hangers are stay strong in the extremes

This is a simple, elegant wall mounted clothes hanger that will make your closet look amazing. Life within the home is made easier by our new patent-pending innovation in clothes hanger design. No more clunky tubes or rods to hang your favorite shirts, pants, dresses, jackets and other items.

The Ceiling Mounted Clothes Hanger provides several handy functions including: Attaches to any wall or fixed object. Easily adjustable height. This ceiling mounted clothes hanger allows you to easily hang garments in your closet without the hassle of putting holes into your walls. Assembly required and hardware not included.